After spending nearly 6 months on the Appalachian Trail last year, I’ve been a little slow to get back out in the woods again and start hiking and exploring new places. Well, it certainly feels good to be back! My buddy Erik and I ventured out to Emery Creek Falls. I call this “the trail less traveled.” Why? Well, we only saw one other person out on this trail… but for good reason. You have to cross a creek 20 times. And I don’t mean just stepping across stones or a footbridge to cross the creek. I mean, waist-deep crossing. With the rain we’ve had lately, needless to say, the creek was high, and fast-moving too. We had a blast though. It was cold, especially soaking wet, below our waists. But we made it to the waterfalls and back. Yup, waterfallS, as in plural. There’s two back to back at the end. It was beautiful. One other thing to note: the water is really pretty light blue color in several areas. I believe this is due to the white sandy bottom found throughout the trail. It’s only 6 miles round trip. But the creek crossing definitely slow you down a bit