Thought I’d step out for a quick stroll in the mountains. Figured a 5-mile hike would be like a walk in the park (after my AT hiking extravaganza last year). I found a place on the AT not too far away (Dick’s Creek Gap in Hiawassee) and set off. I didn’t realize the first half was straight uphill! After climbing the White Mountains in NH I thought the mountains in GA would be easy. I was painfully reminded that is not the case. Met more AT thru-hikers and stopped and chatted with them as well. Again, only a week in, and they all had trail names already. Impressive. Its been raining so much. Poor guys. We had great weather last year. I checked out a view at Powell Mntn. Vista, snapped a few shots and headed back down the mountain. Nice, 1000+ foot climb, quick, workout.