Ok, ok, ok, enough about the Corona cooties. How about a colorful distraction? Here are my pen picks for the week. What do you think? From left (1) to middle (2) to right (3) I’m thinking of names. For #1: The Wildcat. If you know anything about where I grew up [Duluth, GA], you’ll know why this one is called that The wood is Purple Heart. For #2: I’m thinking “Sunshine” or “Sunflower”. The wood is actually called Osage Orange. Though it doesn’t look very orange. The last one, #3: this is a burl (knot) from a Cherry tree. This is a highly desired wood when it comes to bowls and other wooden furniture. It’s more of an orange and brown in color. The only name that’s coming to mind is Charlie Brown. That’s not very sexy though is it?