I’ve started to name my pens. This is Spectacular Spalted, the Ocelet, and either the Knight Rider or the Falcon. Spalted wood is what is shown in the pen on the left. The Ocelet is a wild cat in southwestern US, Mexico, and Central & South America, which is where the wood Bocote comes from. It looks like an animal print, so I thought that was a good name for the one on the right. I was going to name the all black one in the middle the Knight Rider (from the TV show). But the Atlanta Falcons just released their new uniforms and one version is all black. So I was thinking about calling the all black pen the Falcon. Maybe I should wait and see how well the Falcons do this year before naming my pen after them:) What do you think, (1) the Knight Rider, or (2) the Falcon?