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Hiking the AT – Show Me, Mulligan, Two Fingers, Blue, Blue Jay & Ember @ Big Meadows Camp Ground

(6/2/19) I slept in my tent last night. I woke up several times by coyotes nearby howling through the night. Plus some owls that flew into our camp site and were ooh ooh'n all night as well. I swear one landed on a tree branch right beside my tent. Or at least that's what it sounded like anyway. Another chilly evening. But I stayed bundled up in my sleeping bag most of the night. So I slept okay. I completed my morning ritual of eating breakfast, checking / responding to work emails, and packing everything up. Last night,

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Hiking the AT – The 900 Mile Marker / Good Company / Losing Food to a Bear / Petting a Fawn

(6/1/19) I slept in my tent last night. It was a pretty rough night of sleep. It rained off and on all night. Some water got in my tent too-- but it wasn't too bad. I typically set my alarm for 5AM, but usually don't actually get up then. I usually end up rolling out of my sleeping bag around 6AM. My plan was to try and meet up with Pretzel and Show Me at a campground about 5 miles away. When talking to both of them via text last night they ended up

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Hiking the AT- My Almost Most Embarrassing Moment / Hiking with Show Me / BlackRock

I slept in my tent last night. I slept ok. A storm came through that brought some high winds and light rain. I awoke a few times but was able to fall back to sleep fairly quickly. So everything felt a little damp and cool but was a nice change of "pace" from sweating all day while hiking in the heat. I wanted to get a jump on the day before it got too hot. I quickly downed my cold oatmeal and protein bar, took care of a few work items, packed

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Hiking the AT – How Thermia got her name / Shenandoah National Park / Lots of new faces

(05/30/19) I awoke in a comfy hotel bed. I showered again. Not because I needed to. Simply because a shower was available. I ventured down to the hotel lobby for breakfast. As usual, I grabbed a few of everything and filled my coffee cup to the rim. As I sat down I noticed a man in a wheelchair-- he was missing both legs. On the back of the wheelchair was a United Stated Army logo. The layout of the room was awkward and cluttered. It made maneuvering around the room very difficult for this veteran. He poured himself

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Hiking the AT – Hump Back Rocks / Glass Hollow Overlook / Walden, Pretzel, March & Go Forth

I awoke in my tent. It was a fairly warm evening. Even though we camped on a mountain ledge and it was pretty windy all night. I scarfed down some breakfast quickly. My normal oatmeal with a squirt of cold water. I finished off what little water I had with my breakfast. Which meant I would be starting my day without any water. It's a good practice to drink a liter or two before you start hiking. I could either go back .5 miles, or hike forward to the next

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Hiking the AT – March Forth & Go Forth / More Beautiful Views & Black Snakes

(05/28/19) I slept pretty well last night. I woke up in a big comfy bed as we stayed in a hotel. I showered again, even though I showered the night before. Got to take advantage of these showers when we can. I went down to the hotel lobby to feast on their breakfast buffet. I had two bowls of cereal, gravy biscuits, eggs, tons of doughnuts, muffins, juice and coffee. I finished up breakfast and headed back up to the room to get some work done while waiting

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