We awoke in our bunk house beds, again at the bee farm, after a good nights rest. Trigger again started our morning off right with a fresh brewed pot of coffee. We helped ourselves to a cup while gathering around the kitchen table to discuss the game plan for the day. Which was 13 miles from Sam’s Gap to Spivey Gap.

Mike, the bee farm owner, arrived promptly on time to pick us up. We hopped in his truck and off we went. We arrived at Sam’s Gap and got started around 830am. This was the first time Snickers hiked with us. We started on an hill out of the gap. We all marched onward and upward together.

We climbed Big Bald first. It was beautiful with 360 degree views. “Ug” was already there when we arrived having lunch. Cushy knew Ug and they hiked together before. She introduced him to myself and Snickers. We all walked around checking out the views taking photos and capturing some video as well. Ug took a photo of Cushy, myself and Snickers.

[I realize I talk about a lot of people I meet. But I never have photos of any of these characters. I’ve always been sensitive to taking other peoples photos. A lot of times people don’t want their photos taken. Or they are concerned about where it will end up online. But I’ve been on this trek long enough to know, it’s not all about the beautiful views we get to experience. It’s also about the amazing people we meet along the way. So I plan on doing a better job of not only capturing details about my daily activities on the trek, but photos and possibly some video of the wonderful people I’m meeting as well.]

We wrapped up our viewing of the Big Bald, then worked our way down the other side of it, until we reached the incline up the Small Bald. Another amazing view of the surrounding mountains all around us. We continued down the Small Bald all the way to Spivey Gap. And what way to better end our hike, trail magic.

A few people from Snellville, GA had setup on the side of the dirt road to provide trail magic for us thru hikers. They had hot dogs and hamburgers and chips and oatmeal cream pies and soft drinks! It really hit the spot. Mike was there to pick us up already so scarfed down what food and drinks we could and hopped in his truck to head back to the farm.

Mike invited us all over to his house later after dinner for honey wine tasting. We cleaned up, went out to a local hibachi restaurant in town for dinner, and came back to Mike and Peggy’s house. It was so nice of them to invite us into their home. We sampled several different types of wine they made from honey. It was really good! We had cheese and crackers and Mike even broke out a bottle of his favorite whisky as well and shared it with us.

We thanked our hosts for a wonderful evening and walked back to our cabin to climb into our bunk beds to end yet another wonderfully eventful day.